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Refund Policy:  All tuition and fees paid for the course/courses are due and refundable ONLY when: (a) the course of instruction is discontinued by the school, preventing a student from completing the course: OR (b) the enrollment of student was procured as a result of any misrepresentation made by and owner or employee of the school.  All refunds will be completed within 30 days after the effective date of enrollment termination.  Each Correspondence Course is subject to a non-refundable registration fee of $25.00 in addition to the cost of books for the course.

Cancellation Policy: You have the right to cancel your resgistration up to three (3) days from the date of purchase.  Requests for cancellation must be made by contacting 360Training by phone or email.  The request must be made prior to midnight of the 3rd calendar day for the date of purchase.

For Packaged/Bundled Courses:  Any course(s) completed with be charged at full price rather than the discounted package price.

If the course(s) includes physical materials, the student has the option to return the book(s) or keep them.  The physical materials must be returned to the school at the student's expense.  *Please include a note with the materials to contact 360Training to process the refund.  *Books must be returned in new condition or you will  not receive reimbursement.  One the physical materials are received, the refund will be processed minus a $25.00 restocking fee.

USAREA/360Training will not grant a refund for any course(s) that has been completed.

Course Expiration: You will have access to the course(s) for six months from the date of purchase.

Prelicensing Requirements

Step 1:  Education Requirement

• Principles of Real Estate I & II (Approval #121 & #122)
• Law of Agency (Approval #1151)
• Law of Contracts (Approval #1251)
• Promulgated Contracts Forms (Approval #351)
• Real Estate Finance (Approval #451)

Effective 9/1/2010 a pre-application education evaluation is no longer available prior to submitting an application.  Real Estate applicants are no longer required to submit an education evaluation request and receive a notice from the commission that the education requirements have been satisfied prior too submitting an application for a license.  The education evaluation request form is eliminated and education course completion documents must be submitted when the application is filed.

TREC Guideline Update effective September 1, 2017

New guidelines now require students of this course to have their exams proctored, and you have the right request a criminal history evaluation (where applicable) before enrolling in the courses or applying for a license.

Under the new rules, you will be required to find an eligible Proctor and take the exam in his/her presence to qualify for a completion certificate.  


(A) Employees at official testing or learning/tutoring centers;
(B) Librarians at a school, university, or public library;
(C) College or university administrators, faculty, or academic advisors;
(D) Clergy who are affiliated with a specific temple, synagogue, mosque, or church;
(E) Educational officers of a military installation or correctional facility;
(F) Members of the court system – Judge, justice of the peace, magistrates, and prosecutors;
(G) Law Enforcement Officers – Sergeant, lieutenant, or captain; and
(H) An active authorized notary.

Step 2:   Filing Your Application 

  • After you have completed your education and received Certificates of Completion, submit the following to Texas Real Estate Commission (All forms can be found at
  1. Application for Inactive Salesperson License. 
  2. Salesperson Sponsorship Form.
  3. Copies of Certificates of Completion (DO NOT submit the originals - keep them for your records).
  4. Required fees -  Application Fee $205.00, Subsequent Background Check Fee $29.75 and Paper Processing Fee of $20.00 (Required for any application submitted by mail that is available online.)
  • To file online, go to TREC's website at

Step 3.  Take State Licensing Exam

  • License examinations are administered by Pearson VUE, a testing service company. Once the complete application is received and processed and education is satisfied, the applicant will be notified of eligibility to sit for the examination. The exam eligibility notification will have instructions for contacting the exam administrator and obtaining a copy of the Candidate Handbook to register for the exam. The Candidate Handbook contains information about the examination, study material, and instructions for making an exam reservation. Two forms of current signature identification are required for admission to a testing site. The name on the identification must match the name on the application for a license. The applicant must pass the examination within one year after the date the application is filed with TREC.

    After January 1, 2016 any applicant who fails the examination three consecutive times may not register for re-examination or submit a new license application until additional education has been completed. Applicants authorized to register for the examination prior to January 1, 2016 will get three more attempts to pass the examination. After three failed attempts, an additional 30 classroom hours of qualifying real estate education must be completed for each failed portion of the exam. Upon completion of the additional education, please submit copies of the course completion certificates along with a copy of the third failed score report to TREC at Allow 5-7 business days for processing and re-authorization to be submitted to Pearson VUE to allow you to re-schedule the exam.

Step 4:  Get Fingerprinted

  • Pursuant to §1101.3521 of the Real Estate License Act, any person applying for or renewing a sales agent license must provide their fingerprints. Fingerprints on file for other agencies will not be accepted. Once the applicant has obtained a TREC entity number they should visit the TREC website at to enroll with MorphoTrust to complete the fingerprinting requirement.

    A license will not issue if the background check has not been cleared.

Step 5:  Your broker receives your license

  • Once you have succesfully passed the State examination, your broker will receive your license.  You may then start selling real estate.
  • NOTE:  During the first 2 years of being licensed, you will need to complete 98 hours of Salesperson Apprentice Education (SAE).  You can take any course that was not taken in your first year.  
  • After your first license renewal, every 2 years you will need to complete 18 hours of Mandatory Continuing Education (MCE).  Eight of those hours must consist of a 4-hour Legal Update course and a 4-hour Legal Ethics course.